Aug 9, 2018

Hey friends!  This is a different post from my normal stuff as it's all about a recipe I tried off of Pinterest! I will link to the original recipe at the end of this post. 


So, most people love chocolate, or at least like it anyway.  I like most things chocolate and as I have gotten older my preference has changed from loving Hershey's milk chocolate to high-quality dark chocolate. I would much rather indulge in rich dark chocolate heaven than have something so sweet I get a headache. I know... some of you think I am crazy! Since we have removed so much refined sugar in our diets, well really sugar in general, it doesn't take much for it to be too much anymore.  And I hate how I feel when anything is too much. Whether it's too sweet or too much noise. I am as I am. 


Anywho, the other day I was really craving something chocolate.  BU, I had a problem! I had NO chocolate! No chocolate chips. Nothing! Well... except some unsweetened cocoa powder. And, I was not going to hop in the car just to go buy myself some sweet treat. So... I began scrolling recipes on Pinterest to see what I could make with what I had at home. AND of course, I wanted to feel good about what I was putting into my body. 


That's when I found all kinds of avocado and chocolate recipes. I have enjoyed chocolate avocado bread, cakes, & muffins in the past and so I knew some of these had to be wonderfully tasty. This particular day I wanted something that could also be a pretty immediate turnaround - I did not want to mix it all up and then wait for it to bake. No thanks, give me the chocolate like now! So when I found the chocolate avocado chia pudding I was in heaven!

The Iron You is the blogger who deserves all the credit for this recipe, my friends. AND he has other recipes I will for sure be trying!  So gather up your ingredients or make your grocery list and get making. 



Serves 4


2 very ripe avocados (I got mine at Aldi on sale)

1/3 c (4oz) raw honey or maple syrup

1/3 c (1.4oz) cocoa powder

3 T extra virgin coconut oil 

1 t vanilla (I was out so I used vanilla almond milk)

1/2 t chia seeds



Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth & silky. I could have done a better job of this for sure BUT it was still so yummy!  Refrigerate for 30 minutes friends - or if you're like me - take a few bites first to fix that need for some chocolate. 



One serving 

339 calories

26 grams of fat

35.7 grams of carbs

3.75 grams of protein


Ok - Do NOT get scared by those grams of fat friends! Remember that you are eating healthy fats AND you are not going to eat this for every meal or every day. BUT because of these yummy healthy fats - it is incredibly satisfying. I don't know about you but when I eat fat-free anything I just want more.  So... I don't do fat-free. I only eat real fat, actually, I try to only eat REAL FOOD as much as possible. Give me all the goodness! 


Well, there ya have it! AND because this is not my recipe here please hop on over to The Iron You to explore all his other recipes. 



Oh and some upcoming foody posts - My own very recipe for Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes and an altered recipe for Banana Muffins (NO SWEETENER!)


Much Love! XOXO 





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