June 3, 2018

It is incredibly important to be FREE of our past, to only look back briefly so we can grow and learn. YET I believe we all have moments where we look back and get a bit stuck. It is important to recognize when this happens and take the necessary steps to let go and remember you are given your current season for a reason. 


Why am I talking about this? I don't often get stuck on my mistakes or failures, It is during the time of hard that I look back and see good and stuck. What happened? Why am I not like that anymore? Where did I go? How come my kids have to grow up? Why doesn't my husband do those things anymore? Why? What? How? Big Sighs...  AND I was here yesterday. I had a live video show up in my memories on Facebook that was me being all inspiring to others. This is the person I love being. I am fueled by encouraging and loving on others. Yet...I often don't have the words these days. 


The good thing is, I know why. You see back during that time I was fueling my spirit, mind, and body so well. I got into the Word and Prayed DAILY, I read and listened to the positive good stuff, I worked out, I ate well... I did all the right things MOST of the time. Having a 3rd baby and coming home has definitely changed my self-care routine. If I am being totally honest, it has changed EVERYTHING!  It's not bad, it's just different. Thankfully the Lord will meet me right where I am at and He doesn't stop loving me. 


If you are a parent or caregiver, you know how easy it is to put yourself last.


As someone who coaches others to live fully and to be empowered by the love Jesus gives them, I know HOW important it is to change this. There is the part of me that says "You encourage others to do this, you should have this down pat!" Well, that's just not real life and no one is perfect. 


So as I sit here still in my pajamas drinking coffee, I want to encourage you to take that look back, let it go, accept, and move forward. I could continue to wallow in the fact that I miss that old season or I can accept the season I am in and make small yet necessary changes to be more of who HE created me to be.

Here are 3 SMALL changes I will be making:

1. I will turn Worship Music on as soon as I get up in the morning

2. I will read my Jesus Calling Calendar - this seriously takes me FIVE Minutes! 

3. I will pray with my kids each morning


Friends, being a good steward of yourself is a beautiful thing. It is not selfish. It is truly necessary for you to love you so that you can love your people. You cannot be all He made you to be if you do not first accept His love and love yourself too. 



I'd love to hear about what changes you need to make. Share with me in the comments. 


Be Blessed and Loved today.


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