Hi! How's it going?


It's been quiet on this end BUT today God gave me words and I am excited to share them with you.


I am sitting here, a sleeping baby on my lap, my music, my coffee, and my Envision essential oil. I was thinking about how quiet and how still it has been over the last year. Now let me clarify that, because believe you me, my house is NOT quiet! For heaven's sake, it is quite LOUD. I often need to Frankincense myself up so I don't lose my ever-loving mind from all the noise! What I mean by quiet is that I have been in waiting. I have been in a place of slow down. I have been studying, praying, and asking, but He's not been giving me answers - YET. It is a process that is hard. It is not easy to wait when you are a doer. 


Now, some people may say you are stagnant if you are in this season. I disagree and I will challenge anyone who says that. Why? Because SO MUCH happens in the still. We are to find rest in Him. When we are at a crossroads we are to stop, listen, and see what His Word says. My heart and my spirit are someplace that they would NEVER be if I didn't slow down. My faith is stronger than it has ever been. I have been able to stand firmer than I ever have in my life. 


My biggest challenge during this season is my head. My Spirit knows where HE has called me, but my FLESH fights and wants me to do and causes distractions from my purpose.  My flesh pushes me to busy myself. My head goes back and forth, back and forth trying to decide the direction I follow.  


Having a new baby has been the biggest blessing for this season. Why? Because a baby lives at a much slower pace. God has used Orion to force me to stop, be still, listen, and rest during my 'through'. It has made my time of waiting, something I could embrace.  You see if you are a parent, your job as a parent is to love those children and to show them God's vision for them. Yet, in today's world, we often busy ourselves with things outside our family too much, distracting us from our jobs as parents. Babies, however, don't really let us do this as big kids do. 



Now don't get me wrong - I am not saying you are a bad parent if you are busying yourself... 


Like I said before, being in the through is a time of waiting. It is SO HARD to almost feel like you are not productive. Finally, about a month or so ago God began to show me that the through was coming to an end. Things are moving! It is exciting and scary all at the same time. 


SO... don't let anyone tell you that you are NOT growing or NOT being productive when you are in the Wilderness. You are, use your time for being still, being in the through, being in the wilderness as a time to embrace Jesus, and be prepared for what He will show you when it's all over. 


Much Love & Many Blessings! 




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