March 29th, 2017

(SO…I wrote this at least 2 years ago… I am not going to even READ through it again – just going to trust that God has something to share with you… )


You know why I love who I am and where I am at?


That’s right I said it, I love me AND I love where I am at in life!


It’s not perfect. There are struggles. For sure… LOTS of them… BUT I LOVE my life. Even the stress and muck of it all. Why? It’s mine.


I have come to this crazy realization that being in my 30s is pretty awesome. When you think about it – waiting until you are in your 30s to love yourself is pretty sad… As women, we have a tendency to not love ourselves and I find this incredibly sad. The world wires us this way too…

How many of you have at some point called yourself fat? Or maybe said you didn’t like something about your body? Maybe it’s not your body but your laugh or how you sound when you talk…


Think about that for a moment – how often do you give yourself negative self-talk?


When I became a mom and my girls became toddlers my husband and I made a rule. I was not allowed to gripe about my body in front of them AND the word fat became the worst swear word there was. At first, this was hard because I was so unhappy with my body even though I had NO reason to be. Especially since I work hard to take care of me by exercising and eating healthy. This, however, was the beginning of my journey of learning how powerful words are. Since I didn’t say the words, I didn’t think it or feel it as much. This started 7 years ago.


Today my girls are 9 1/2 and 8 and so it has been some time… Which leads me to the more recent changes.


About 2.5 years ago I knew God wanted me to do more in my life. I didn’t know what, but I began sharing my thoughts and my studies with the world. About 8 months later I began my journey with Young Living. That journey has forever changed me. I have been introduced to amazing mentors and resources that have taught me so much. I have grown to love myself and who God has made me to be. Allowing me to become MORE of that person. I have always been the person to see good in others, to trust God, to love, etc… – but to take action thru speaking good into my life and to choose a grateful heart was not always happening. This my friends changed my life. God wants us to be grateful for ALL things. No matter how small. So, I began praying, speaking, and believing for good things. I now say “I thank you Lord that I am healthy” anytime I start to get down on myself. Positive Self Talk is so important! What can you say to yourself that will empower you?


It is just recently that I truly came to a realization that I am loving my 30s and loving myself. In June I went on a retreat with the other managers at my office and we did one of those Ice Breaker games where we got to know each other more. Not only did I get to know them more but I got to know me more. I had to answer questions that made me think about things I normally don’t think about like – “If you could go back to any age what would it be?” I did not want to go back, I like right now. Or “If you could have your dream job, what would it be?” I love to help others grow, see them succeed, and empower others – So I said I’d love to be a Life Coach and they ALL replied with “I can see that”.  


This realization empowered me to grab a hold of my dreams.


Remember, God did not make us of the world. We are reborn when we choose to follow Him and live a life for Him. So it’s time to throw that worldly junk away and focus on what He tells you. God made us to be amazing – so why do we allow the world to hinder us?


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