June 6, 2015

I have this morning routine – why? 


It is my time to invest in me, to feed my spirit, to prep me for the day ahead. Mostly, to help me become the best possible me that God wants to me.


It has taken me years to learn how important it is to truly invest in me. For years I have I worked out, eaten healthy, and worked hard, etc…  BUT I learned that without taking time to grow spiritually and mentally, those things were no good to me. You see, someday when I die, it will be my spirit that matters most. Also, when your spirit is in line, it’s amazing how the other things fall in line too…


So – here’s my routine …

1. I pour my cup of coffee

2. I go fold a load of laundry in my dryer and start one in the washer ( I know I know…)

3. I sit in my chair (which I like to call my corner) with my fuzzy blanket from my little girls, my coffee, my bible, and my prayer journal.

4. I take a moment to ask God to show me what He has in store me that day

5. I read I reflect, I pray & sometimes I share


Sometimes my beautiful girls join me. I am thrilled that they are falling in love with His Word. Tells me I am doing one thing right.


Today as I took this time, I literally began to cry and had to stop and say “Ok, God, I hear you!”.  I truly believe God shares special meanings through His Word that can be different to each person. So maybe as you read this, you’ll get something completely different. Especially since some of what I learned was not necessarily context-related learning…


I encourage you to take a few minutes to read John 4:4-42 before you continue reading this post… It is the story of the Samaritan Woman. I am studying the Spiritual Discipline of Reconciliation and today’s lesson was Inviting Others to Reconcile with God...


My observations today were:


God has an incredible gift for you (John 4:10) – When I read this, I began to cry. God has given me a dream of sharing his love with others along with building a business so that I can be home and also be mom more of the time. I know He has given me a gift. I am still trusting Him as I figure it all out.


When you are feeding your relationship with God, He is like a Fresh, Bubbling Spring within you. (John 4:14) – AHA moment here!  YES!  When I take the time to build my relationship with Jesus consistently, my joy and excitement bubble over. It’s like I can feel that bubbling spring inside me!  I could just burst!


Joy awaits both those who plant and those who harvest. (John 4:36b) – TRUTH! As the Lord plants seeds inside you and you harvest it… There is joy! He has planted a desire and purpose in me to share His love and His teachings and the joy I receive from taking care of that purpose and harvesting it is more than I could have ever imagined. AND I know that He takes joys in me as I follow thru on the plan He has for me.


The Samaritan Woman’s sin became her witness & her name was *Photini which means “light-bearer”. She was embarrassed because of her sin before.  But because of Christ’s love, kindness, and truth, she RAN to get others. Many were saved because of this. She helped reconcile others to Christ.

This lesson for me today brought me closer to the desire and purpose God has planted in my life. It reminded me of the joy He brings to my life when I follow Him and the plan He has for me.  It reminded me that yes, He has given me gifts and that He wants to be that fresh, bubbling spring inside of me.


How about you?


What is your morning routine? Or maybe you have an evening routine…

What did you observe and learn from this reading? Was it something completely different?

What is your desire? Your purpose?

I’d love to hear from you and what you learned.


Together, we are the church and can make a difference through sharing His love.



* Reference – Everyday Matters Bible for Women


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