Lord, I Wish I Was More Like....

January 10, 2018

This week I had a motherhood moment that I hope I always remember. A moment that made me cry and think "Wow, I'm not a crappy mom" 

Parenthood is one of the hardest, if not the hardest jobs we are called to do. Like all jobs, it comes much more naturally to some. Some Mom's and Dad's are super soft spoken, gentle, playful, and able to slow down and just be present with their kids more than others. Or... maybe they have some of those abilities and not all of them. When I observe these parents I am quick to think "I wish I could be more like that". 

The truth is - I wouldn't look at another mom or dad that is tightly wound like me and say they are a bad parent. So WHY do I tell myself that? Every time I speak ill to myself, I am telling God that He did not do a good job creating me. And that right there is a lie - He made me exactly how I am for a purpose. Yes, I need to keep growing and developing my skills and abilities to be more like Him each day. What I am saying is that my specific personality traits will still be mine. 
You see... I am not a playful mom. I have to work hard to stop and play. I have to plan creative time. I don't do well in the kitchen with little kids. I was (and sometimes still am) that mom that pre-measures everything to reduce mess and reduce the chance of what we were making not turning out. Total control freak. I like structure. I like tidiness. I like to take care of my list and feel like #allthethings have been taken care of. I am also one of those moms that have no patience for having to repeat myself with older kids. I am loud. I freak out when there is too much noise. I buy clear tablecloths so that my table doesn't get paint on it. I lose my mind often... I yell. Sadly, I yell. Although I try hard to only speak life over my kids, I know I speak in ways that are not, way too often. I am the mom that loves to snuggle with my kids. I love to color and do art projects but rarely do it. I make up songs to be silly or get them to do as I have asked. I like to make them fun snacks. I clean out their rooms and take their things when they don't follow thru and clean up their mess. I believe "If you're hungry you'll eat" and refuse to offer my kids something else to eat. I sang my girls to sleep until they were 6 and 7, maybe older. I still occasionally sing to them at night and they are now preteens. I get upset and lose my crap when I feel like no one is helping me. I plan fun outings and almost always get feisty before we leave because no one is on time. I feel frustrated with my kids every day (I hate that). BUT I love them with all that I am.
AND none of what I listed above is being a bad mom. #amiright ?
Tell me friend, WHY OH WHY are we so hard on ourselves? 
So back to that sweet mama moment.
Over the last week, the girls and I have been watching a Hallmark show on Netflix called When Calls the Heart. I read this series when I was a young teen and I loved the books. My girls are loving the show. As I watch how gentle the women in the show are, I catch myself saying "why can't I be more like that Lord?". Then my daughter says "Mama they sound like you!", "What?!" I say, both girls chime in together "The things they say are the exact words you speak to us and tell us.". I got all misty and grateful. God reminded me that my kids see WAY more than my mom challenges, they see all my mom SUCCESSES too. AND they are hearing me. Praise the Lord! 
So Parents - Take a moment and think about who you are as a parent, accept yourself, and look at all your parenting wins. Most of all, hold onto how much you love them and tell them.  You can't tell them enough. Stop telling yourself what you are doing wrong as a parent and start telling yourself what you are doing right. 
I will no longer remind myself how often I lose my mind and yell. I will begin by telling myself that I am loving and gentle. Most of all I will ask the Lord for help more often. 
Be blessed, my friends! Love who He made you to be as a person, as a parent, as an entrepreneur ... all of those things or whatever you do.
Much Love.

Coaching with Faith & Grace

March 6, 2019

A Life Coach? 


People pay for that? 

That's so cool! 

I get so many types of responses when people ask me what I do. 

Hey! I'm Amanda and I love to help people, specifically women (I am one) grow with grace on this journey called life. You see in today's world where the pressure to do all the things just right is so high we tend to not give ourselves or others grace very well. We also tend to become complacent just survive from day to day. Yet Jesus gave us the most incredible grace and He instructed us to always be working towards becoming more like Him every single day. 

First I better give this disclaimer: 






So today, I thought I'd share with you WHAT a Life Coach is & how I approach it. Oh! And I wouldn't be brave if I didn't tell you how you can take advantage of my coaching! 

Coaching is an ongoing relationship between a coach and a client. Coach partners with clients in a creative thought-provoking process which inspires the client to make the most of their personal and professional potential. This is a process and the coach is there to hold them accountable and challenge them to step outside their box. Coaching is all about facilitating and structuring a person's development spiritually, personally, and professionally. All in all, each of those areas goes hand in hand. The opportunity for success truly depends on the client doing the work in between sessions to create stronger habits.

My responsibility as a coach is to help a client discover & clarify what goals they want to achieve. These goals are so different for each and every person.  I encourage self-discovery as well as challenge each client to look for solutions and strategies to overcome any obstacles in their life. I do this by asking lots of questions, making suggestions, and more. Finally, I hold them accountable. This can be the hardest part because I have to be direct and expose clients excuses or make them dig into the why of everything.  Whether they are ready for this or not, it makes sessions vulnerable and even emotional. 

Coaching is NOT counseling or therapy. This must be clear. Each person who decides to hire a coach must be emotionally and psychologically healthy. Coaching is for people who are ready to make change in their life. 

The opportunity for success truly depends on the client doing the work in between sessions to create stronger habits. 

I'd love to share with you a few things clients have had to say after working with me. 

Amanda is an amazing coach! She taught me that with a few simple changes to your daily life you can change your entire perspective in a very positive way!! If I could give Amanda 10☆ I would!! ~ Teri 

Amanda has been coaching me bi-monthly since May. She has helped me sort through what is most important in my life to help me be more present with my family. Just recently my husband and I did a coaching call with her which brought about great positive discussion about both of our dreams! The next step is working through what does this look like as my business continues to grow moving forward!!! Thank you, Amanda!!! ~ Jenny

I did a 12 week coaching session with Amanda then continued on a bimonthly and monthly basis for a few months after. It changed my business and my life. I was able to get ALL THE THINGS in my brain out and give them direction AND..have accountability. ~ Destiny

I did 2-12 week coaching sessions with Amanda and it changed my life! She is a great coach who helped me improve every area of my life! ~ Emily

Not only was Amanda's coaching so helpful in my personal growth, but it was such an encouragement in my daily walk with God and in helping me find balance within my life. I am so thankful for my time with Amanda. She truly offered me value beyond what I expected I'd receive. ~ Mallory

When I worked with Amanda I was aware of the difference in all the things were within me, but I was at a place where I felt so overwhelmed it paralyzed me a bit. Having someone who held me accountable with touch but gentle love was just what I needed. Working with her was some of the best money I have spent. ~ Destiny


I have known Amanda about three and a half years.  I've been blessed beyond measure through my experiences with her.  As my Life Coach and friend she has encouraged and inspired me to be my best self throughout a treacherous leg of my personal growth and emotional and spiritual healing journey. ~ Laura

I don't really think I do much because I enjoy what I do so very much. Then I read these and I am in such awe. I am so grateful to God and how he works through me. It's all Him. I didn't talk about my faith being a part of my coaching when I first started, but now I want you to know it's a big part of what I do. You see God gives us all we need in His Word. All the instructions are right there. 

So what does a session look like? It's different with each person. The first 2 sessions are different from all the rest because we are getting to know each other, setting goals, creating action plans, and learning about what they need to keep them on track. After that, sessions involved discussing the week, follow-through, successes, what obstacles that came up, and how to overcome them. We also chat about where they are rating themselves according to the measurements they gave themselves. This is important as it helps them know if they are on track or not. Between sessions often times there will connections made through email, messaging, or sometimes a brief phone call to work through a challenge.  My favorite part is hearing how the changes they are making are truly affecting their day to day life. 

Are you curious if coaching is for you?

Maybe you know you want to do this but you need to know the financial end of it?

Maybe you just want to talk about it more in-depth? 

Well, then it's time to schedule a 30-minute consultation - this is free by the way.  

Head back over HERE - to Book your consult today!


Cooking From the Heart

Dec 7, 2017

Hey there! Happy Thursday! I hope you are having an amazing day! Tis the season for soups and one of our favs and budget-friendly soups is Tomato Soup! So - I am NOT a photographer BUT I feel that pictures help all of us visual peeps! So... if you are one of the lovelies that have asked me for my recipe - I did it, I put one together. For ALL of you - I hope you try it and love it just as much as we do!  

So um... I DO NOT MEASURE and I don't follow a recipe very well when I cook! Baking is different (well not all the time), but we are not talking about baking today. Don't get me wrong, I use recipes - I just ALWAYS change them.  IKR! Frustrating for some of you.... My sister used to tease me about this a lot.  So, when I am asked for recipes, I am like... "Um, I can tell ya what I put in it..."  

I finally decided that it's time to start taking some of those things I make and figure out those recipe details for others. You want to know what? The best part about needing to have a recipe guide is that someday my kids can have mama's recipes. This makes my heart smile so much. 


With this being my first REAL food post, I want to share a bit about our 'food life' before I get into the nitty-gritty of tomato soup. Thirteen years ago we began a journey of cooking from scratch instead of from the jar or box. We knew this was healthier. YET we had SO much to learn. During this time we have become crazy label readers. Our kids even look at ingredients and nutrition labels. IKR?!?! "It has this much sugar per serving mom." Do we occasionally break and make a boxed cake or whatnot - yeah sure... it just is not our preferred choice AND it is RARE!  I don't know how many times my mama has said "Wheres your Bisquick?" "Um, Mom, I have never kept that in my pantry." I have learned that making pancakes or biscuits from scratch is so crazy easy! AND my body responds to food so much better when it isn't loaded with all kinds of junk! Now... our budget doesn't allow for our diet to be as clean as we'd like but we do our best with what we have. 


One of the FIRST things we looked for on labels was high fructose corn syrup. It was in EVERYTHING 13 years ago! Oh.My.Word! We were able to remove pretty much everything except tomato soup. I was afraid of making it homemade - I had tried as a teen and had an epic fail! So we bought brand after brand but nothing tasted right compared to the kind we were used to. Eventually, I became determined to make it homemade. I began searching the internet, magazines, and cookbooks for recipes. I tried recipe after recipe and my kids HATED them! I almost gave up. I am so glad I didn't. I finally took everything I had learned from the recipes and created my own. The problem... I don't measure, I dump. I determine everything off visual, smell, and taste.  Thanks, Mom & Dad! So, although the soup was the same, it was always slightly different too. 

So... Let's get started. First, it's always easier if you gather all your ingredients in the beginning (see recipe below).  

You will want to start by making a roux! Do NOT skimp on the butter. REAL butter makes EVERYTHING better!  Here's what ya do - get a nice saucepan, melt your butter, and slowly whisk in your flour. It should get thick and slightly golden or brownish colored. Slowly add your milk and whisk. Next, you add my secret ingredient - Concentrated Chicken Stock - PURE Chicken Stock - READ YOUR LABEL! Whisk this in well and then add your seasonings.  Mix well and TASTE! It is OK if it tastes a bit salty or super flavorful at this point. 

In a separate kettle, you should have your tomato sauce on low to medium heat (or you could do your roux in your kettle and add your tomato sauce). If I was a gardener, I would have my very own but instead, I buy tomato sauce (we like to be sure that ours has no icky ingredients add and that the cans are BPA FREE). 

Once you have combined your roux and tomato sauce you will add your milk. I added 2 cups BUT you can add more or less. You could even add cream, half and half, or a milk alternative. Up to you and the flavor you are looking for. (FYI on a leftover day - it had thickened up and I just added more milk until I had the consistency I wanted)


Once this is heated and blended well together, I taste. At this point, I will determine if I want to add any extra seasoning to my soup. I also add a little Basil Vitality Essential Oil.  When you add the Basil you will take the dropper off the top, dip a toothpick into it and then swirl into your soup. I did this 2 times for this batch of soup. I did add extra pepper and Italian seasoning for my family's preferences. I did not adjust the measurements in the recipe as some may not like things as seasoned. This is WHY tasting is important. 

We love to have grilled cheese on Chad's homemade bread or my homemade biscuits with this soup. And... we can't go without some whole wheat saltines (someday I will attempt these homemade - someday). The girls get SO EXCITED! I swear this is one of their favorite comfort foods.  And Orion just LOVES it - see the mess! 

Other fun things you can do with this soup:

Add diced, stewed, or crushed tomatoes at the end for texture.

Use fresh onion and caramelize prior to making your roux and then puree or leave chunky. 

Add fresh basil into the soup or to garnish. 

Use minced garlic instead of garlic powder.

Have fun with it!


Anywho - I hope you try this and LOVE it as much as my family and friends have loved it! 

Oh and... I don't have the nutritional info - as I just focus on eating REAL food as much as I can vs calories (but we are not perfect...)etc... Enjoy! 



Tomato Basil Soup


1/2 cup Real Butter

1 cup flour (white or wheat)

60oz Tomato Sauce

1 tablespoon Concentrated Chicken Stock

4 cups Whole Milk (2 for Roux, 2 to add to Soup Later)

1 teaspoon Onion Powder

1/2 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1/2 teaspoon Italian Seasoning

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon Pepper


1. Put the tomato sauce in a kettle to heat up on low to medium heat in another kettle. 

2. In a separate saucepan - melt the butter, add flour to make a roux, add 2 cups of the milk slowly (not all at once), and whisk well.

3. Add Chicken Stock and seasoning, mix well.

4. Add Roux to tomato Sauce

5. Add the rest of the milk to the mixture

6. Optional: Toothpick into basil vitality essential oil - swirl into soup

7. Taste test and add extra seasoning as needed

8. Serve, garnish as you wish & serve with your favorite soup sides! 


In the Through


Hi! How's it going?


It's been quiet on this end BUT today God gave me words and I am excited to share them with you.


I am sitting here, a sleeping baby on my lap, my music, my coffee, and my Envision essential oil. I was thinking about how quiet and how still it has been over the last year. Now let me clarify that, because believe you me, my house is NOT quiet! For heaven's sake, it is quite LOUD. I often need to Frankincense myself up so I don't lose my ever-loving mind from all the noise! What I mean by quiet is that I have been in waiting. I have been in a place of slow down. I have been studying, praying, and asking, but He's not been giving me answers - YET. It is a process that is hard. It is not easy to wait when you are a doer. 


Now, some people may say you are stagnant if you are in this season. I disagree and I will challenge anyone who says that. Why? Because SO MUCH happens in the still. We are to find rest in Him. When we are at a crossroads we are to stop, listen, and see what His Word says. My heart and my spirit are someplace that they would NEVER be if I didn't slow down. My faith is stronger than it has ever been. I have been able to stand firmer than I ever have in my life. 


My biggest challenge during this season is my head. My Spirit knows where HE has called me, but my FLESH fights and wants me to do and causes distractions from my purpose.  My flesh pushes me to busy myself. My head goes back and forth, back and forth trying to decide the direction I follow.  


Having a new baby has been the biggest blessing for this season. Why? Because a baby lives at a much slower pace. God has used Orion to force me to stop, be still, listen, and rest during my 'through'. It has made my time of waiting, something I could embrace.  You see if you are a parent, your job as a parent is to love those children and to show them God's vision for them. Yet, in today's world, we often busy ourselves with things outside our family too much, distracting us from our jobs as parents. Babies, however, don't really let us do this as big kids do. 



Now don't get me wrong - I am not saying you are a bad parent if you are busying yourself... 


Like I said before, being in the through is a time of waiting. It is SO HARD to almost feel like you are not productive. Finally, about a month or so ago God began to show me that the through was coming to an end. Things are moving! It is exciting and scary all at the same time. 


SO... don't let anyone tell you that you are NOT growing or NOT being productive when you are in the Wilderness. You are, use your time for being still, being in the through, being in the wilderness as a time to embrace Jesus, and be prepared for what He will show you when it's all over. 


Much Love & Many Blessings! 



The NEED for People

May 31st, 2017

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am addicted to people. It started a long time ago when I was just a kid. My parents moved me from town to town, school to school and I made friends wherever I went. I could get along with anyone. In college, I was the girl that everyone knew. I was involved, worked on campus, and embraced anyone who needed me. In addition, I don't let go of relationships easily. I am a big believer that God created relationships and so I know He can heal them too. 


I just love people. I love to hear stories and share stories with others. I have a desire for connecting with people and have 'REAL' conversations - you know, the ones that you feel deep down, the ones that make your heart pound, make you laugh, or your eyes water. The ones where afterward, you are filled to the brim and just kinda feel - wow. 


So... that being said - I like to build relationships. I treasure my friendships & my family - my community, or more like - My Tribe. This is what I want to talk about today. The importance of building a strong community of friends and family. 


Why?  Well, I am learning in a very hard way how much I need people. I have always worked out of the home until recently. Other than a 2-week stint I have been a work at home momboss since my youngest was born 8 months ago. There has been A LOT of JOY during this time & I wouldn't trade it for the world. But... I have become isolated in many ways. I don't get out like I thought I would. This 'type A' girl doesn't like to screw up naps.  I like to be home when the girls get off the bus. AND when I do go out - I hate how everything, absolutely EVERYTHING takes longer to do and my day just disappears!  In addition - I personally suck at asking for help or inviting people over.  Due to my pure stubbornness, pride, and unwillingness to admit that I am struggling, I have found myself in a place that keeps me from being my best for God, those I love, my clients, and myself.  


And recently, I had a meltdown. I cried, I swore, I had a dramatic pity party with my husband, and I focused on all the junk that I didn't like - I just plain old lost it. Oh and not just once but a few times. I even recognized the breakdown, tried to address it, and work my way out, but I didn't see it until it was too late.  The worst part - My kids even yelled, no SCREAMED back at me! OH.MY.GOODNESS! When all was calm again I was told that yes I can be a mean mom but I am also the best mom - sigh... I have my crazy just like the rest of ya'll. 


There was a lot of learning that happened through this though. God uses everything - I mean everything to teach us, shape us, and make us MORE of who He wants us to be. And what I learned through my major hot mess mama meltdown?


I learned what being lonely felt like. To all my friends out there who have experienced this - I am sorry if I was not there for you if I didn't reach out to you if I didn't love you in the way you needed to be loved. This is exactly why I want to talk about the importance of community. 


But first...

I think we need to have a hang of loneliness first. I honestly feel it is a bit of a taboo topic but in reality, it happens to many people. 


So what is it?



1. Being without company

2. Being cut off from others


The definition of lonely is one thing BUT the feeling of loneliness is more. I did a bit of a survey via Facebook and Instagram and these are the words people gave me:



Not Belonging

Not Supported





Oh.My.Goodness, you guys!


I learned a lot through this - it was a hard, hard week. I was dealing with SO MANY EMOTIONS! Figuring out WHAT I was feeling was not the easiest task. But once I did, it allowed me to take care of those feelings.


AND - When I got over the hump I realized I had lost my sense of community. 


Community - WHAT IS IT? 

1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

2. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.


I also did a Facebook and Instagram Survey here too. This is how others described their first thoughts:




Small Town




Helping one another


A group with Common/Shared Interests



No Judgement

Friends & Family



Wow, you guys! It isn't just about a definition, is it? 


This is what it says in Hebrews 10:24-25 (NLT)

"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near."



God didn't create us to get so busy in our lives that we forget about others. We are supposed to encourage each other, meet together, motivate each other to love and do good. 


Like I said before - this girl was stubborn and needed to get out of my own way and even more so, out of God's way. 


Want to know what I loved about this entire experience? 

I can look back and actually evaluate my experience a bit. AND anytime you can do this, you can grow. In James 1:2-4 we are instructed to find joy in all our trials for they are opportunities to grow. Now, believe me, I am not always successful at this... I FAIL daily people! 

Here's some of the good I saw when I thought back at my messy week:

My husband kicked me in the butt with a Holy Spirit Boot (his words not mine)

Anyone who knows him knows this is a WIN! He is a big sarcastic potty mouth. But he loves me well. He challenges me daily to be my best!

Unlike other struggles in my past where I would just grin and bear it, I did not deny that I was struggling. 

I began to fill myself with His Word. This is the best place for me to go and find encouragement and direction. 

I wrote in my prayer journal. Bearing my heart to the Lord is so freeing. 

I got to SMELL AWESOME using some of my favorite Young Living Oils. 

I realized that although I have had 2 other babies - Taking care of me is different this time around, and no matter what I will always be learning as a mama. 

I acknowledged that I was taking more time to escape vs fill my tank. Escaping has its place, but it was taking over. 

Mostly - that God is so incredibly good and He loved me through every failure I had.



Finally - I learned God gave me a gift for building relationships and that when I need them, it's ok for me to reach out and ask to be loved on. Even typing that turns my tummy - which tells me I will have to continue to speak this affirmation. You see HE created relationships and hungers for us to spend time with Him too. It's ok to need each other. 


So - if you are lonely, reach out to Jesus AND reach out to others who love you. Invite a friend to lunch, for a walk or for coffee. 


If you aren't - think about those in your life that may be a bit isolated and go love on them. Invite them out for dinner, see if they need anything, or just call them up to chat. 


Be the Community. 




Now if I read through this again to edit it, I'll NEVER get it posted - so I am sorry for any grammar edits that were needed. I will always choose for you to get my heart before perfection. 


Be Blessed and go Love on someone.


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